Leadership Chracteristics



the ability to do something that frightens one

•strength in the face of pain or grief


brave, pluck, valor, fearlessness, audacity, daring, fearlessness

What is Courage?

¨This trait comes in two kinds: physical and moral. If you are in a tight place and feel fear, learn to make it work for you. Fix your mind on your goal, and then take some action. Courage grows with action. As for moral courage, know whats right and stand up for it. People who don't will never command the loyalty and respect of others. A leader must also be a moral one. When you're wrong, say so. Accept full responsibility. Everybody makes mistakes, the trick is to not make the same one twice.¨

Leaders that Demonstrate Courage

Martin Luther King Jr.

This leader demonstrates courage because of his decision to stand up against the injustices that were directed towards African Americans during the Civil Rights Era. In this time period it was very hard for African Americans to stand up for themselves and have a voice. Martin Luther King Jr. was one of the individuals that rose to the leadership role because of the courage he had to stand up for their culture even though many were being beaten down (mentally and physically) by those who did not agree with them. It takes a lot of courage to stand up in front of a crowd, but it takes greater courage to stand up in front of a crowd that is against you (and has arrested you multiple times already).

Abraham Lincoln

Lincoln was a courageous leader that helped the nation through the Civil War. At the time, the North and South had a great amount of tension between the two different regions so any political leader coming into office had a tough job to bring these two together. Once war was declared, Lincoln was brave enough to stay in office and tough it up. Many times was his life possibly threatened because of his siding with anti-slavery. Lincoln was poise and strong until the very end when he was killed right as the war was ending. As president, Lincoln led the way for abolishing slavery even though it was a violent and controversial topic during this era.

Galileo Galilei

Galileo was an inventor and scientist during the Scientific Revolution that demonstrated courage through defying the church which had a big voice in society at the time. Most scientists at the time withheld all the interesting discoveries they made due to the strong hold the church had with any evidence that proved them and the Bible wrong. It took a lot of courage to stand up against the church because the repercussions could be harsh, many were jailed or even put on trial. Galileo did not back down due to this fact and paved the way for others to reveal the truth even if it proves religion wrong.

Rosa Parks

Rosa Parks demonstrated courage while on bus in 1995. It was required that an African American to give up their seat for a white person if there are no seats open on a bus. Rosa Parks, however, neglected this unfair rule and refused to give up her seat to some passenger. Even though there was the possibility that she could get in trouble, which she did, Rosa Parks stood up for herself and sparked the movement to boycott buses becoming a leader.

Amelia Earhart

Amelia Earhart had the courage to be the first women to fly across the Atlantic Ocean solo. She was leader for women around the world and inspired them to break out of their comfort zone. Amelia was not intimidated by the risks of this endeavor. She showed women that they can do anything regardless if no woman has ever done it before.

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