Integrated Project

By Melissa Conrad

Its important to learn about these things because....

Word Processing, Presentation Software, and Spreadsheets are all stuff that is commonly used in the business world. Our society is rapidly advancing in technology. New products are coming out everyday. If you want to be successful in the business world it is important to know about these things.

Word Processing

Word processing is probably the most common thing we come across. I am using a word processor right now. In the business world its good to use a word processor to show your professional. We have learned how to do that in this class. It is important to know how to correctly align and space a paper. It is important to know how to format different kinds of reports, flyers, memos, and letters.

Presentation Software

Presentation software is a good way to present your ideas to others. I am also using a type of presentation software. It shows creativity, organization, and helps you get your point across. By learning good tips for presenting in this class it helps us to better understand how to present things and what types of software are good to create a presentation.


Spreadsheets are usually used to keep track of data. Spreadsheets are awesome because they can save you time by calculating things for you. It is important to know how to use them like we did in this class so that you can be organized in gathering and storing data quickly and efficiently.