Happy Thanksgiving

God Blesses us to become a Blessing to Others

One More Helping Hand Bilney Lane Childrens Home

The Bilney Lane Children's Home needs us as we celebrate this thanksgiving we must lend our hand in the support of those that are less fortunate than us. Many of us can boast about how good life is but we fail to realize that God's outpouring of favor is not only to gain financial wealth but also to help those less fortunate. As we celebrate and partake in the festivities of this season I admonish you to extend a kind hand to one that only knows happiness for a day and that is when we give it to them. Support us with your canned goods, supervalue food stamps or your time as we celebrate the spirit of thanksgiving with God's little angels.

Bilney Lane Children's Home

Saturday, Nov. 23rd, 3pm

Bilney Ln

Nassau, New Providence

All humanitarians who will be joining us at the Bilney Lane Children's Home please be advised that the time has change from 11am to 3pm to accommodate a church service the children will be attending. For any further info please contact Ms.McKenzie at 456-1275. Your assistance is greatly appreciated

Helping Hand Volunteer

Are you willing to contribute to this humanitarian effort? Nothing is to small every little helps. For more info or pick-up info email-divinepurpose242@gmail.com or fill the form below and we will contact you at our earliest convenience.

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