Meal Sharing

Founded by Jay Savsani


Meal Sharing is a buisness that was founded in 2012, by Jay Savsani a Chicago native that has interests in guitar, food, and hanging out with friends. He started Meal Sharing because he likes food and meeting new people. He shares his meals because he tries to get the global community smaller by meeting new people and sharing his food. He realized that while traveling people don't get a good home cooked meals so he decided to set up a way for people to share meals. He did this by creating Meal Sharing which is an organization that allows people to host and visit others while getting a home-cooked meal. While traveling he saw a lack of home-cooked meals and the idea of Meal Sharing was born.

Similarities Between Jay Savsani and Steven Speilburg

I think that the thing that is similar between Jay Savsani and Steven Speilburg is that they both took a risk and worked hard to achieve their dream. Also they found something that they liked and then made a good buisness based on it. Finally they both were not in the buisness for money but watned to help. The difference between the two entrapuners is that Steven Speilburg made movies and his business was just an afterthought to making movies. Also he made a lot of money and was not a truly social entrapuneur. Jay on the other hand was completly based on his business and he became part of his business and not just a CEO


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