The Tlingit

By: Hannah,fletcher,Brayden,Haley.F


They eat lots of health food. There mane food is fish. They would eat about all the plants animals and fish. They would set ice in a basket for there meet. That is what they eat.
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The tliglit built large plank houses to live in. It's base was of a wood frame. Then it was covered with overlapping planks of wood. They generally were large enough to hold many people. The traditional Algonquin shelter was a wigwam.
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Tlingit clothing

They change clothing depending on the weather. They ware thick things in the cold . They ware thin things in warm weather. They made snowshoe in winter. That is what they ware.
Tlingit Dance

Tlingit tools

Most of the weapons were spears.The other one was a bow and arrows.They also used body armor.Another weapon they used were clubs.they put great detail into their club carvings.
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Tlingit location

The Tlingit live in Canada. they live on the Pacific Northwest Coast of North America. They lived along the border between Alaska and British Columbia. North of the coast just southeast of the copper river.
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