New Gym for Williamsburg

Why its the right choice

Our special day is coming soon

A new gym for Williamsburg will sponsor new events and create revenue like never before. A new gym would bring new great opportunities to the school has never had before.

Why not having a new gym could be costly

Voting no on a new gym would restrict the future of children in Williamsburg. Having a new gym would expand opportunities to have one of nicest facilities in Iowa county. New events will be held that can held not only athletics, but the FFA, prom committee and band and choir groups


The Williamsburg Junior/High school gym is just old. The gym was built in 1957 and modifications have not changed the identity of the facility. Our school is not the same as it was in 1957 and the regulations for the facility are the same. It is time to start a new tradition.

Concerned People

Some peopled could be concerned of the new costs, and they're right, they should be concerned. This gym is a lot of money and some people are going to pay more than others. But this it is worth the risk, it is our children of Williamsburg's future

Voting for a New Gym

Tuesday, Feb. 5th 2013 at 7:30am-11pm

Williamsburg, IA

Williamsburg, IA

Voting will be held at the Williamsburg Recreational Center


I used three techniques that persuaded the viewers. I targeted the positives of the new gym argument using the bandwagon technique. I then used a testimonial that said the costs would be high, but the explained there it was in the best interests of the kids. Plain folks was another one where I seemed I was being a humble and honest person.