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Weekly newsletter for staff 25th January 2019


Sorry it's slightly later this week, better late than never!

Karen x

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Messages, Information, reminders and notices

  • Tea and Coffee - Your next instalments are due for this term please
  • Nessy - I have purchased the Nessy screening tool and Support programme for 30 pupils for this year. If you would like a KS2 child screened for dyslexic tendencies and a diagnostic breakdown, please let me have names.
  • Staff Governor - Gemma has stepped down as staff governor so we really do need someone to take on this interesting role. It can be any member of staff, so teacher or TA. Please come and talk to me if you are interested.
  • Mugs - If you have any unwanted mugs in your cupboard at home,please bring them in and then we can get rid of some of the grottier ones in the staff room.
  • Class Assemblies - Please could you let me know when you would like to do your class assembly this term - first come, first served on dates!
  • Cake sales - FOKF have asked about the cake sales starting again to raise money for your own class. Again if you have a date in mind please let me know.
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Diary Dates Next Week

Monday 28th -

  • 09:00 KF, CTu & EB Google environment training
  • 09:00 KW meeting parent AA (YR)
  • 09:30 KW & ML (South Milford) to observe JM (Y5)
  • 12:00 KW, BH & JMcK Google training for admin
  • 14:00 KF, KW Google Training
  • 15:30 Whole staff training - Google

Tuesday 29th -

  • KW out all day
  • Helen Butler in Y1 am, Errol pm
  • 09:00 Amelia Formstone to see AG & OD (YR)
  • 13:30 Kath Pullein to see DB

Wednesday 30th -

  • BH in all day, JMcK out
  • 13:30 GM PE workshop (PPA Time)
  • 15:30 Mags Dalton meeting PA
  • 17:30 Year 6 SATs Parents' meeting

Thursday 31st -

  • Helen Butler in Y1 am
  • KW at HT Strategic meeting TGS am
  • 10:00 Tracy Ashton to see AR (Y5)
  • 13:00 KH to SENDCo Network meeting
  • 13:00 KW at Kellington ITT visit
  • 13:00 Y5/6 x 10 Tag Rugby tournament
  • 13:00 SB to Sherburn Children's Centre

Friday 1st -

  • NSPCC Number Day
  • JMcK in, BH out
  • 09:00 KW & JM Mentor meeting
  • 11:00 KW parent show round
  • 14:00 KW & SB Parent meeting WM (Y2)
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Thank you's and Well done's.....

Amy and Sarah would like to thank Catherine, Helen and Kate for all their help covering Reception over the last couple of weeks.

Thanks to everyone involved in the School Improvement Visit on Thursday. Donna was pleased with all the changes and feels we are going in the right direction.

This week's birthdays....

This week we are saying happy birthday to:

No birthdays this week ..... because I left the list at school! I will correct on Monday.