BY.keegan hasty

great listeners

one great listener is my gma. She is a good listener because she understands me and will give me her advice. Then i do what she says.
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Who is an individual who makes positive decisions for themselves and others that you really respect.

The person would my gpa. He makes smart life decision like investing. that shows respect to other as in my family because we get more wealth. Then he respect my gma by doin
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Who is an individual that provides excellent communication that makes you think and reflect on your decisions.

A person who has great communication skills is Hayli Reed. She helps make think about the girls i date and then we talk about if it is a good choice or a bad one. Then she helps me decide
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Who is an individual in your life that you know personally that embodies the characteristics of a great leader.

A individual that shows leadership is my grandpa he has a good personality witch is a big part of being a leader. He has showed me how to respect women and others. He has helped me get to where I am at now. that is why my grandpa is a good leader
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List 3 character traits you most admire or respect from others

  1. you have to have a personality. if no personality then nobody will respect you.
  2. have to take charge of the idea or plan. if nobody takes charge nothing will get done.
  3. you have to have good communication skills. if you are not good at it nobody will understand what you tell them.