Elm Class Update

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It was another short week full of hard work in the Elm class!


We are working with new materials each week in exploration. Second graders worked collaboratively with "tree blocks" today and created a "city". We are excited to see what more will come from working with these natural materials as the year progresses.


This week we worked with combinations of 10. We looked back at our inventories and asked "How many more to make a group of ten?". Then made a chart of our results.

Students noticed that they only needed to look at the number in the ones place to make another ten. For example, in the number 42, you only need 8 more to make another ten because 2 + 8 = 10.

We then learned the game Make 10 and played with a partner. Students set out 4 rows of five cards and looked for combinations that make 10 when you add them together.

Some students chose to challenge themselves and made 10 with three cards.

We will continue to play Make 10 game next week and teach new games. These games encourage students to practice tens facts in the context of a card game.


This week we continued to practice our writing skills in the Elm Class. We worked to show care for writing materials and give quiet to classmates so we can work to reach our goals.

We also read Ish about a boy who learns to embrace his work as it is and let go of feeling it has to be "right". Second graders took to this idea and showed more patience with their work in progress.

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Elm Class students have settled into their work spots to explore poetry during our reading block. We have been reading and discussing poems together as a class. Students are also working to organize the classroom library so we can easily access these books during the school day.