what is it?

  • The large bony structure near the base of the spine to which the hind limb or legs are attached in humans and many others vertebrates.
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How can the pelvis help determine the age,gender, and ethnicity?

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The sketch below on the Suchey-Brooks method of identification, outlines the changes that take place over those 45 years.There are minor sex differences between males and females, the sketch below shows a male pelvis over a 5-10 year intervals through 6 phases. The way they can determine the age of the victim is by looking at the pubic symphysis, it is a joint where the two halves of the pelvis meet at the centerline of the body, joined by a layer of fibrocartilage. The bony symphyseal surface that faces the cartilage changes over time, starting at about age 20 and continuing past the age of 65.

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