French Update from Mme Woodhead

Bonjour from Cambridge

Bonjour Parents

I hope you all had a wonderful and relaxing Thanksgiving break.

I wanted to write you and give you an update on French classes at Cambridge and to thank you for your continued support.

French 2/2H

We are getting close to finishing Unit 3 (the always-fun food and drink unit). Before break, we had a Francophone food and drink culinary exploration day, and I wanted to thank you for help in making this day possible. Your students were able to have a buffet-style feast of French food while exploring their five senses in French. (See below for some photos of our culinary experience).

This week, we are learning new verbs that will be assessed through a quiz and a speaking PBA. The final exam will be comprehensive, covering everything from first semester, and we will be reviewing for several days beforehand (and I will provide students an extensive study guide).

French 4H

We are culminating a unit on the Holocaust and World War 2 in France by reading poetry written by a French Resistance worker who was captured, sent to Auschwitz and survived. Students choose 7 poems to read and log in their reading log, and then they choose one poem to explore further with an essay and project. Previously, we watched and analyzed a movie called "Elle S'appelait Sarah" (Sarah's Key) about the roundup of thousands of Jewish citizens in Paris by the French police.

Below are samples of previous students' projects based on their chosen Holocaust poem.

Extra Billet Opportunity

Please see the original email for a word document attachment explaining how your student can earn extra billets (tickets that can be used as extra points on assessments) through either visiting a French restaurant (and writing a restaurant review in French) or watching a French food movie (and writing a movie review in French).

I have also passed out a detailed sheet to students describing this opportunity.

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