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A Cimarron Middle School Community Communication

A Message From the Front Office

Dear Cimarron Family,

Thank you for your continued support and partnership this school year. As we move into remote learning following Thanksgiving Break, we will continue to partner with families to ensure that our students are learning and finding success this school year. Our students' experiences with the Friday schedule during hybrid learning has prepared our students for the remote learning routines and structures. If you have not already, you will be receiving a letter from your child’s team with specific information for remote learning next week.

Thank you,

Cimarron Leadership Team

Student materials pick up during remote learning

During our time in remote learning Cimarron will have the building open for students and parents to pick up materials from the Commons. Cimarron will be open from 7:30-3:00 each day, tables will be labeled by teams and electives. Your child's teacher will communicate when/if any materials need to be picked up during the remote learning period.

Colts Club Tutoring

Looking for extra support? Students can sign up for a Colts Club session, which are offered Tuesday and Thursday from 3:00 - 4:00 pm.

Sign up for support using this link.

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Apple Award Nominations Are Now Open!

November 9 - December 20, 2020

Each year, the Douglas County School District community celebrates its outstanding teachers and staff through the annual Apple Awards. Our teachers and staff have shown extraordinary efforts this year to help ensure students' success, and we are very excited to announce the opening of this year's Apple Awards nomination process!

To nominate a favorite educator or staff member, visit: The nomination window will close at midnight on Sunday, December 20th.

As always, thank you for your support, and we look forward to this special year of recognition for outstanding DCSD educators and staff.

Remote Counseling Communication

Counselors are available to support students and parents through this remote learning period and look forward to connecting with you.

Students may reach us as follows:

  • Counseling Appointment Request **complete this form and we can connect via phone or virtual face to face** we will get back to you when we receive your request.

  • Email

  • Phone

Parents may reach us as follows:

  • Email

  • Phone

*6th - Emily Benson Email: or 720-433-1327

*7th -Jill Bull Email: or 720-433-1357

*8th - Valerie Fincher Email: or 720-433-1339

*Groups - Rose Walsh Email: or 720-433-1404

*Restorative - Catherine Scholz Email: or 720-433-1309

Although we are not at school, all voice messages are forwarded to our emails. Feel free to leave a message. You can also visit our counseling website to schedule an appointment though links to each of our calendars.

If you have any immediate safety concerns, please contact 911 or take the individual to your nearest hospital. If you have concerns about a child in the community you can reach DHS at 844-CO-4-Kids to discuss your concerns.

Notification regarding remote mental health services

Warm Regards,

Cimarron Counseling Department

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