University of Toronto

Bachelor of Arts

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  • UofT has three campuses in St. George, Mississauga, and Scarborough.
  • A bachelor of Arts is available at all three campuses.
  • St. George and Scarborough offer private rooms, coed buildings, and single gender buildings. While Mississauga places its students in townhouse style residence.
  • Residence Cost
St George- Meals Included $10 088 Without Meals $7 550
Mississauga- Mandatory Meals and internet for 8 months $11 300

Scarborough- Flexible meal plans $5 168

Bachelor of Arts in Architectural Studies

  • Required grades <85%.
  • No co-op available.
  • Over 200 new students per year.
  • Grade 12 english is particularly important to enrol.
  • OUAC program code- TLA.
  • Leads to a major in Architectural Studies.
  • Great minor for students looking to obtain a major in architectural studies.
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Program Description

"The programs serve as an introduction to the discipline of architecture, focusing on the state of the art, current issues and emerging practices, all considered from critical, theoretical and historical perspectives. Studio courses in design and visual communications provide opportunities to learn practical, formal and analytical skills, and are augmented by advanced courses in allied design arts, such as landscape, furniture, graphic, and stage design." John H. Daniels.

Career Options

  • Landscape Architect
  • Commercial Architect
  • Residential Architect
  • Architect Historian
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Interesting Facts

  • 12 589 faculty members
  • 14 214 new full time students this year
  • 530 000 alumni
  • 44 libraries with over 21 million books
  • $1.9 billion operating budget
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