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March 2023

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Principal & Assistant Principal's Corner

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PTA Corner

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Important Links:

Women's History Month

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School Counselor's Newsletter : March 2023

The Bolt Times 2nd Edition

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Just In Case You Missed It: February's Who is Benny

Who is Benny February

Congratulations to our Winners of the "Who is Benny" Contest

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Miss Crowley was our Mystery Reader!

Grade level winners:

Jhanvi from Miller

Kayden from Buckley

Zulianny from Gerena/Zambrano

Camila from Crowley

Amiyah from Ryan/Cumello

Thaanya from Siblia/Capaccio

Congratulations Students of the Month!

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Number Ninja Raffle Winners!

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Second Grade Showcase: Persevere

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Books of the Month : March 2023

The Luckiest St. Patrick's Day Ever By: Teddy Slather

The St. Patrick's Day parade is off to a very fine start.The Leprechaun family is marching with lots of heart!Share in their dancing, share in their fun.You'll have the luck of the Irish when this day is done!Top o' the morning! It's March 17th, and the Leprechauns are gathered for their favorite day of the year. Join them as they celebrate St. Patrick's Day with music, dancing, and a parade!

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The Luckiest St. Patrick's Day Ever! - By Teddy Slater | Children's Books Read Aloud

Fun Family Activity

5 St Patrick's Day Crafts to make - fun ideas to make Leprechauns and Shamrocks

Book of the Month : In Honor of Women's History Month

The Story of Ruth Bader Ginsburg By: Susan B. Katz

Learn the story of how Ruth Bader Ginsburg became the second woman ever to serve as a judge on the Supreme Court of the United States. Before she fought for equal rights and made history, Ruth was a curious kid who loved to read stories about strong women. In school, Ruth wished girls could have as many opportunities as boys. She soon learned that by studying and working hard, she could change her life―and the world.

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THE STORY OF RUTH BADER GINSBURG by Susan B. Katz, illustrated by Micah Player

Fun Family Activity

Women's History Month & Paper Flower Craft

Monthly Spotlight : Second Grade

Math in Different Ways

Mrs. Crimmins class work on different variations of Math during Class
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Reading, Writing, & Sharing

Students in Mrs. Crimmins class work on their reading and writing skills. They also get a visit from their Writing Buddies for some extra help along the way

World Map Making with Ms.Gerena & Mrs. Zambrano

During science, Ms. Gerena and Mrs. Zambrano’s class worked on creating a world map using green cubes for land and blue cubes for water. Students were challenged to cover an entire world map with the cubes to find out which is larger on Earth: the land or water. Students discovered that 71% of Earth is covered by water, mostly by our five oceans.

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Math Olympic Winners

Mrs. Aravena’s class was so proud to win Math Olympics this month! They have been working so hard to master their addition and subtraction facts!
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Guess My Rule!

Mrs. Figueroa's and Miss Wong's second graders are playing a math game called Guess My Rule. It's a fun way to sort and analyze data. They are putting what they learned into practice with their partners.
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Topographic Maps!

Students in Mrs. Panitch's class used a topographic map to determine the height of a landform. Clay of different colors was used to show each height. Measuring tools were used to determine the height of their model landform.

Club Spotlight of the Month!

Garden Club: Salad is a perfect breakfast!

The students of the Garden Club got the chance to harvest the several varieties of lettuce from their Tower Gardens. The students then enjoyed seeing if they could taste the differences between the lettuce varieties as they made themselves a fresh salad for breakfast.
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Kindness Club: Souper Bowl!

The Kindness Club is tackling hunger this month! In order to support our local food pantry, The Hands of Hope, we decided to run a canned soup food drive in honor of the NFL’s Annual Super Bowl. Students were encouraged to bring in cans of soup and then put them in bins labeled with the team of their choice, either the Kansas City Chiefs or the Philadelphia Eagles. We called this the Ben Franklin “Souper Bowl” and the kids enjoyed watching the donations grow. All together, we collected 123 cans of soup. Our “Souper Bowl” winner was the Philadelphia Eagles with 69 cans of soup! Thank you to everyone who supported this worthy cause. Go Birds!
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Special Guest Visit the Odyssey of the Mind CLub!

A Look Back at February's Highlights

The Rutgers Culture of Health Program comes to Ben Franklin

A great program designed to teach students about nutrition and fun ways to be active during the school day has begun at Benjamin Franklin School. Utilizing video content, digital games, and other resources, Kindergarten, 1st and 2nd grade classes are receiving nutrition and physical literacy lessons twice a week, led by instructors from Rutgers University. The materials being used were developed as part of a larger project called the Rutgers Culture of Health Program and has been funded by Horizon. This program was developed at Rutgers by New Jersey Health Kids Initiative, a grant funded organization whose mission is to improve child health by conducting evidenced-based research, education, and practice in nutrition and physical activity.
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Go Red For Heart Month

Valentines Day Evening Painting

The PTA hosted its first Valentines Day Evening of Painting. Students enjoy creating Valentines for their friends and families.

Thank you to the PTA for hosting such a wonderful event!

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Valentines Day Fun!

100th Day of School

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Bolt Bestie Classes

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Awesome Bulletin Boards!

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In honor of Black History Month

Paint What You Love!

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Important Upcoming Dates:

March 1st: 1:30 Dismissal

March 2nd: Read Across America Guest Readers | Pajama Jam – 6 PM

March 8th: PTA Book Fair

March 9th: PTA Book Fair (4:00-7:00pm also)

March 10th: PTA Book Fair

March 14th: 120th Day Celebration –Gr. 1

March 23rd: Parent Teacher Conferences (5:00-6:30pm) | Kids Heart Challenge Gr. K-5 | 1:30pm School Dismissal Time

March 28th: Parent Teacher Conferences (2:00-3:30) | 1:30pm School Dismissal Time

March 30th: Parent Teacher Conferences (5:00-6:30pm) | 1:30pm School Dismissal Time

March 31st: Spring Parties (PM)

Club Meetings:

March 1st: STEM Club-Gr. 4 8:00am | ESL Club 8:00am |

March 2nd: Garden Club 8:00am | ESL Club 3:45pm

March 6th: Environmental Club 3:45pm

March 7th: ESL Club 8:00am

March 8th: STEM Club-Gr. 5 8:00am | ESL Club 8:00 | Board Game Club-Gr. 4 3:45pm

March 9th: ESL Club 3:45pm

March 10th: Kindness Club-Gr. 5 8:00am

March 14th: ESL Club 8:00am

March 15th: Student Council Mtg. 8:15am | Team Franklin Lunch Meeting | ESL Club 8:00am

March 16th: Garden Club 8:00am | ESL Club 3:45pm

March 20th: Newspaper Mtg. 8:15am

March 21st: ESL Club 8:00am

March 22nd: ESL Club 8:00am | Board Game Club-Gr. 5 3:45pm

March 24th: Kindness Club-Gr. 4 8:00am

March 28th: ESL Club 8:00am

March 29th: ESL Club 8:00am

March 30th: Garden Club 8:00am