This Week in Fourth Grade

March 16-20

SBAC Prep Week 5

This week in our SBAC Prep Class we will be discussing some test taking strategies to help you feel less nervous on the big day. Check your Daily Plan for the sessions. There will be multiple days and times offered, but you only need to attend one session. Also, please attend your RLA/SBAC sessions with Mrs. Bitter and Mrs. Mortier, as they will review the content expected for the SBAC test. If you have not already registered for the SBAC test, please do so now. Ask your parents to check their personal email for instructions.

Extended Instruction March 20th

We have exciting things happening at Extended Instruction...check it out!
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Celebrate St. Patrick's Day with a Recipe!

Cooking together as a family is a fun way to practice math and reading skills in a real life setting. My family is from Ireland and we like to make Irish Soda Bread on St. Patrick's Day while my mom tells stories about her Nana. Now that my mom is Nana to my daughter, we made this recipe over the weekend. Above is our creation! My daughter is only one, so if you have younger brothers and sisters, you can have them help you knead the dough while you read the recipe and measure the ingredients. This is the recipe that we used!

Contacting Me

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