Grade 1 January Newsletter

25th - 29th May 2015

Highlights of the Week

The highlight of this week was our Garden Asia incursion, the children were thrilled to make their own terrariums, and to plant either a money plant or a bamboo plant. The incursion was highly informative and touched on eco-systems, the water cycle, what plants need to grow and flourish and how to plant in the correct way! This was a wonderful way to end our 'Our World' unit of work.

Have a super weekend!


Language Arts


In reading we have been continuing to work on using the fluency CAFE strategy 'Use punctuation to enhance phrasing.' This strategy involves making sure we observe punctuation, such as by pausing at commas and by making our voices go up at the end of sentences with question marks. We have particularly been working on changing our voices when we see speech marks, because we know that someone is talking.


We have been finishing up our All About Books genre this week. This has been a very engaging genre for the children, and they should be very proud of the books they have created. Some of the things we have covered this unit include picking good topics, planning, layout, contents pages, page numbers, glossaries and more. Next week we will be starting our new unit - Fantasy Narrative.

Spelling and Phonics

Our spelling has focused on the short /oo/ sound. (oo as in wood, and u as in pull.)


We have been working on the 'il' and 'll' joins this week.


We have continued to learn about length this week and have been using informal units of measurement to measure and compare length. This has involved a lot of hands on practical activities; using counters, string and even ourselves.

The students have been using the language of measurement, focusing on the terms; shorter, shortest, taller, tallest, longer and longest. They know that when we compare the length of two objects, we have to begin from the same starting line.

IPC - Our World

The Garden Asia incursion was a fitting exit point to our unit of work Our World. Along side this we have also been busy gathering information from different books and video clips in order to write an 'All about...' book. The children have embraced this enthusiastically have written some very informative books about different habitats. This has been a wonderful link to our language arts programme. It has also addressed the scientific key learning goal 'Be able to gather information from simple texts'.

Next week we will begin our new unit of work 'The Stories People Tell'.

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Virtue of the Week: Self-Discipline!

"Always bear in mind that your own resolution to succeed is more important than any one thing."
Abraham Lincoln

This week the children have been working on showing the virtue of perseverance. In particular, we have been talking about keeping on trying when we find something challenging. Please use the language of the virtues at home and acknowledge your child when you see them showing their perseverance!

Next week we will be continuing to focus on the virtue of Perseverance!

Dates for the Diary

3rd June - January Classes Optional Parent Teacher Conferences

9th June - EPSG Appreciation Tea

9th June - Singala

12th June - End of Term, early dismissal

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