HR Internal Communication

October 2017

HR Phone Conferences with Schools

These conferences begin the first week of October (Who can believe that is next week?!?!). Kimberly F., Devona, Mike, and Sharetta will be participating in these throughout the month. Schools will be updating their HR Spreadsheets, reviewing their renewals, and sharing any concerns they have for HR at this point in the year.

Fall Special Education Recruitment Fair

Oct. 23- We look forward to finding some early recruits for Special Education next year!

What's Happening??

* SOP Meeting with the core team went well this week. We are finalizing a Code of Excellence and the procedures to accompany it. More information to come soon.

*Kimberly F. has been doing an amazing job working with our International Teachers to find them beds, dishes, food, and much more. If you have household items you don't want, check with Kimberly before you discard. There are many needs.

*A team in the office has been working to speak with vendors about new/electronic processes that could streamline work for hiring, recruiting,etc.. Exciting!

*Today begins our "file reorganization" endeavor. Shirley will be spending the afternoon with us and then we will dive into what that will look like for us in regards to file management in the future.

*Tomorrow is our first Aspiring Assistant Principal Training where we will provide those that made it into the pool an opportunity to learn based on areas of growth and suggestions from the interview process.

.....And as you know.....Much..Much..More!

We are away..

10/13- Mike Out of Office

10/27- Devona Out of Office

Teamwork requires some sacrifice up front; people who work as a team have to put the collective needs of the group ahead of their individual interests. Patrick Lencioni

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