Continue Reading For Some Good Facts About Mexico!

Fantastic Food!

Mexico's Food Is Known As Some of the Best And Most Popular.

They Have Lots Of Spicy Foods.

These Are Some Of The Most Popular Foods: Refried Beans, Salsa, Tortilla, Burritos, Quesadillas And Many More!

Languages Spoken

There Official Language Is -> Spanish

There Are 30 Indigenous Languages.

English Is Also Spoken.

Religion In Mexico

Most People Are Catholic.

9.7% Are Non Christian.

Clothing Choices In Mexico

Their Clothing Is; Modern Clothes , Traditional Clothing , Celebration Dresses And Costumes.

Typical Women's Clothing Is A Skirt (Huipil) And Sleeveless Tunic.

Typical Mans Clothing ; Regular Pants And Shirt.

Music In Mexico

Their Music Is Known World Wide.

In Mexico Tejano Music Is Well Known And Well Liked.

Mariachi Music Is Also Very Popular.