The Buzz from Room Two

as we wait for spring.....

Welcome! Here's a snapshot of what we did this week!

Our new sound

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Grace and her sister wrote a book about cats that looked like shapes and numbers!! Grace's favorite page is the "diamond cat."

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Success in the computer lab - writing and printing our first Word documents!

Speaking of the computer lab, this year's kindergarten class has the distinction of being the last class to use the computer lab. As the goal moves toward having technology be a part of learning in general, going to a specific room to use tech will be a thing of the past. Students will have access to more technology, more often in the future.

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Writing about rain....

We had fun with water cycle crafts in centers Friday. Here are the water cycle crowns. I hope your child's crown made it home after school!

In the afternoon the students worked together to solve math problems, reinforcing the math objective of using pictures to solve a word problem. The morning class will work on these in the upcoming week.

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Multi-tasking - snack and geometry and music!

That's it for right now. As always, visit our classroom website for specifics on curriculum and special dates.