Westbrook Families Weekly Updates

Week of February 27, 2023

Welcome Back to Week Eight!☺️

Hope everyone is enjoying the rainy weather 😊

We would like to ask all of our Westbrook families to help spread the word - We are hosting an Open House this Saturday, March 4th from 9am to noon, for any student and their family, interested in enrolling with us during the 2023-2024 school year.

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Westbrook Student News!!!!

Shout-outs to Mr. Kent and all of the students who made this special Black History Month of Westbrook News possible πŸŽ‰πŸ™ŒπŸ˜Š

It's Awesome

Highest Lexile Growth!!!

Shout-outs to the following students for not only taking the Lexile Assessment seriously but demonstrating the highest growth in their grade-level:

  • 9th grader - Cindy Rodriguez
  • 10th grader - Valery Ramirez
  • 11th graders - Cesar and Javier Aguilar
  • 12th grader - Maria Godoy Ochoa
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Coffee with the Principal families

A big Thank You to all of the families that joined us this past week for "Coffee with the Principal". We appreciate all of your input, feedback and would love to continue to work with you as a team.

Remember - we all have the same goal, to help students succeed and working together, makes our goal achievable.


Attendance Counts

All persons under 18 years of age who have not graduated from high school are required by state law to attend school.

Students are expected to attend each of their scheduled classes promptly and regularly. Regular attendance is one of the greatest contributing factors to success in school. Absences should be avoided whenever possible.

Please help us, help your student achieve academic excellence by making sure they are in school daily.

When Absent...

Make sure to bring in a note for your student - the note can be either handwritten or emailed to either to

Ms. Rubio at yanellyr@lapromisefund.org or Ms. Avalos at gabriela@lapromisefund.org

Providing a note allows our office staff to mark the absence as "Excused" and thus allows teachers to provide students with an extension on any missing work.


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Uniform Policy

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Students who are not in uniform will…

  • Lose PBIS points

  • Serve nutrition and lunch detention that day

  • Receive a parent phone call home, asking to be brought a change of clothes

If you need to purchase additional uniforms, reach out to Faith Uniforms at (323)432-2388.


Food cannot be delivered to students during the school day by food delivery establishments, including but not limited to Uber Eats, Door Dash or GrubHub. Please remember that only parents and immediate family members in the computer system can deliver food to you during the school day. This is to better ensure the security of the school as well as to minimize disruptions to the school day. Food delivered to students by outside delivery companies will be confiscated and given to students at the end of the day, as they head home. If a student opens an outside door to allow an outside food delivery, or accepts food through the gate, they will face disciplinary consequences as that creates a security risk.

Consequences for ordering food will include...

  • 1 week of nutrition and lunch detention
  • A parent conference
  • Confiscation of the food order, which will only be provided to the students guardian after school

If you have any questions or concerns - please feel free to contact the office directly.

School Bus Behavior

We have recently been informed by our bus company that some Westbrook students have been damaging bus seats through graffiti. We are asking all families to talk to their student - as this behavior is illegal and if a student is caught, parents will be responsible for graffiti removal and will loose the daily bus privilege.

Remember the expectation is that students...

  • Remain seated the entire time that the bus is in motion
  • Noice level should be at a minimum - since it is important for them to hear any instructions that the bus driver sees fit to deliver
  • Nothing should be thrown in or out of the bus
  • There is no eating on the bus
  • Destroying property (including tagging) is not only against the law but agains the bus rules

Lastly, please remember that riding the school bus is a privilege that is contingent upon the continuous observance of bus rules and established regulations.


This week...

Monday 2/27/2023

Lunch Time Clubs

  1. NHS (room 102)

  2. Promise Alliance (room 103)

  3. Karaoke Club (room 8)

After School today

    1. Tutoring with...

    • Mr. Valdez room 105
    • Mr. Figgins room 103
    • Mr. Celentano room 114 (for those interested in a space to work on APEX)
    • Mr. Le room 102
    2. Clubs:
    • Boys Soccer with Samayoa
    • Drivers Ed w/ Ms. Jasleen in room 109

    • Cosmetology w/ Ms. Garcia in room 105

Tuesday 2/28/2023

Lunch Time Clubs
  1. Promise Alliance (room 103)

After School today

1. Tutoring with...

  • Ms. Campos in room 113
  • Ms. Lopez in room 205
  • Mr. Pouget in room 1
  • Mr. Padilla in room 5
2. Clubs:
  • JKL (Kent at Bell; Romero at 52nd street)
  • Basketball at Bell w/ Ms. Rubi
  • Drivers Ed w/ Ms. Jasleen in room 109

Wednesday 3/01/2023

  • College Track

Thursday 3/02/2023

Lunch Time Clubs

  1. GBLA (room 204)

After School today

1. Tutoring with...

  • Ms. Angulo in room 204
  • Ms. Lopez in room 113
  • Ms. Tran in room 203
  • Mr. Samayoa in room 109
2. Clubs:
  • LEGO (Celentano)
  • Art (Garcia)
  • JLK (at 52nd w/ Romero)
  • Podcast w/ Ms.Jasleen in room 109

  • Game Club (Pouget)

  • Senior PBIS (Ford)

Friday 3/03/2023

After School today

1. Tutoring with...

  • Mr. Rob in room 110
  • Ms. Garcia in room 105
  • Mr. Kent in room 112
  • Ms. Choudhry in room 104
  • Mr. Celentano in room 114
2. Clubs:
  • Theater (Angulo, Lopez and Le)
  • Girls Soccer (at Bell w/ Mr. Valdez)


Bell Schedule Semester 2 Week 8

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After School Tutoring and Clubs

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Tech Issues?

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If a student is having tech issues please have them email charlesd@lapromisefund.org and jhonathanv@lapromisefund.org, and ask for assistance. The office cannot provide support, if Mr. Charles or Mr. Jhonathan are not on site.


Days to Keep in Mind

  • ELPAC testing window opens March 6
  • College Field Trip: 9-11th grade March 8
  • Winter Administration/Interim #2 (Mid-Year) - March 20-24, 2023
  • 10 week grades - Friday, 3/24/23
  • Spring Formal Dance on Thursday, March 30th