Age of Exploration

By- Joy Clingan

Eric the Red

Eric the Red was a explorer who grew up in Iceland. When he was older he got banished from Iceland because he killed 2 people. While he was banished he heard news of a man by the name of Gunnbjorn Olfsson finding some islands west of Iceland and he was intrigued. So in 982 he sailed west and discovered Greenland. Although once he found it he had to take a risk to get people to come to the land so he named it Greenland because if people knew it was mainly ice they would have been less likely to come. Although he had to wait until his banishment was over until he could go to Iceland an tell people about his discovery. Eventually in 986 he brought a group of settlers over to the new land and things where going well until winter hit and there was extremely cold weather and most of the settlers died/disappeared.


Dear old friend,

I know your probably not expecting to hear from me due to my banishment but I have great news!!! Since I have been banished I haven't had much to do and when I heard that there was a possibility of new land so close to home I had to explore. By doing this I found a beautiful land just west of Iceland. I am so excited for people to come here. Although it is extremely cold during winter and is almost covered in ice so I didn't think people would want come. So in order to get people here I named it Greenland and people must have found it appealing because, a group of colonist are coming soon. Please pray that we will make it through the winter and, that I can lead them well. I hope you can come here one day, I know you would love it!!

with love, Eric

Eric's Exploration (982-985)

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