Cambodian Economy

Of Cambodia


The currency of Cambodia is the Cambodian Riel.
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Cambodia is a very poor country with low employment rate and a very bad education program. Garments, construction, agriculture, and tourism are the main producers of the money, garments employing more than 400,000 people. Over 50% of their population is under the age of 25. People usually die from diseases or overexertion. About four million people live on less than $1.25 per day. 37% of children under the age of five are suffering from chronic malnutrition. Cambodia is a very poor country that is living off of their expensive exports.


$39.64 billion

GDP Per Capita



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Imports and Exports

Imports are items the country takes in and buys from other countries, so that is how they spend their money. Exports are items they send out, like garments. Cambodia's exports are another countries imports.
Import: $8.895 billion
Export: $6.781 billion
If you have more imports than exports, you won't have enough money to pay for it. That is why you want to send more, so others pay you money.

What I Learned

I learned many interesting facts about my country, Cambodia. I learned different things about poverty. I also learned about imports and exports. GDP and currency were also some things I learned while doing this project. That is what I learned.