Tiogue Faculty and Staff Bulletin

September 28, 2019 - No.5

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Thanks for taking part in our Start with Hello Week!

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Link to Gr. 2 "Say Hello" song

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We have begun work with a representative from the RI Special Olympics regarding beginning a "unified" team at Tiogue. This past week, Casey Grant, Sue Lyons, Tayla Hannagan, Rick Frigon and Dom met to begin to brainstorm ideas and activities. We will continue this work as we formulate a plan to begin a unified team and activities at our school.

Our hope is that we will not only have a unified fun field day this year, but we could also begin to incorporate a peer buddy program that pairs our older students at Tiogue with our Life Skills students from all grades.

Bottom line - this will help us to expand on our "inclusive" culture at Tiogue! We are very excited and will report back often about our efforts.

District Trimester Grading Calendar is here!

Click this link to access the calendar.

WE WILL USE ROOM #20 for our Intervention/Data Mtg. on Monday 9/30/19 (note date change)

Important Information at Tiogue

Tiogue is proud to again be a Title One, Feinstein Leadership School!

Hours: 8:40am - 3:10pm

Students may come to school when supervisory coverage begins at 8:20am

Dates to Remember:

September 2019

-September 28 - Parade Day for Homecoming - AAA Safety Patrol Marching today

-September 30 - DATA MTGS WITH OUR INTERVENTION SPECIALISTS ALL ITINERANT TIMES with the exception of Grade K (later in October after STAR); last day for Sept. perfect attendance

October 2019

-October 2 - RtI/MTSS Mtgs. 7:30am, 8am

-October 3 - Team Day: please check individual Google Calendars for specific information

-October 9 - RtI/MTSS Mtgs. 7:30am, 8am

-October 10 - Team Day: please check individual Google Calendars for specific information

-October 11 - District IXL Training Date (Central Office - Tara, Jackie, Andrea and Wendy to attend)

-October 14 - NO SCHOOL, Columbus Day

-October 17 - Team Day: please check individual Google Calendars for specific information

-October 21 - PTA Mtg. (5:30pm in the Tiogue library or cafeteria)

-October 24 - Team Day: please check individual Google Calendars for specific information

-October 31 - Team Day: please check individual Google Calendars for specific information

November 2019

-November 5 - LifeTouch Picture Day*

PTA INFORMATION and Meeting Schedule:

10/21/19 at 5:30pm

11/18/19 at 5:30pm

12/16/19 at 5:30pm

1/13/20 at 5:30pm

2/10/20 at 5:30pm

3/16/20 at 5:30pm

4/13/20 at 5:30pm

5/18/20 at 5:30pm

6/8/20 at 5:30pm (Last Mtg. of the year)

School Store information:

PTA School Store will begin shortly. Last year, school store was open every other Wednesday during student lunch/recess times. More information to follow.

Our Mission and Motto:

At Tiogue School, we believe that students can achieve their personal best and become responsible and productive citizens by embracing all learning opportunities each day.

"Everybody is somebody at Tiogue"


Field Trip Information and District Policy

A Message from Don Cowart and Dom (updated):

*We are securing different grants for busing as well as tickets to shows at the PPAC and other venues. If all goes well, we may be able to offer (1) K-2 trip and (1) 3-5 trip free of charge. We should know more this week.

Nothing will change with fields trips this year but there is added focus and scrutiny on the following:

  • No child can be denied and it needs to be stated so on the filed trip notice to parents
  • You must have a way to pay for students who cannot afford the cost
  • Make sure all field trips meet rigorous standards alignment (the connection must be strong)

**Also, our PTA is coming up with creative ways to help to off set the cost of the field trips. They are planning on earmarking some of their fundraising efforts to help to support potential trips.

Please take a look at the School Dept. Policy with regard to field trips.

Please View:

Our Nurse's Corner:

As seen in the Family Newsletter:

Hand, foot, and mouth us a self limiting virus common in young children. Cycles of the virus often show in elementary school populations. Hand washing is your best prevention and protection measure. Please review with your children the importance of good hand washing.


Flu Clinic Info:

Thursday 10/10/19

4:00-6:30 p.m.

AT ASFMS, 15 Foster Dr.

Mon. 11/4/19

4:00-6:30 p.m.

AT Coventry High School, 40 Reservoir Rd.

Register online at


Registration recommended but not required.

EEE Update:

Second Round of Targeted Aerial Spraying to Control EEE Risk
Parts of 12 communities are expected to be aerially treated with mosquito pesticide

As a part of continued work to protect public health by minimizing Rhode Islanders' exposure to mosquitoes that could be carrying Eastern Equine Encephalitis (EEE), the Rhode Island Department of Environmental Management (DEM) and the Rhode Island Department of Health (RIDOH) announced Thursday that they will be coordinating a second round of aerial mosquito spraying in two areas next week. Weather permitting, state officials are estimating that the next round of spraying could occur on the night of Monday, September 23 and Tuesday, September 24. The areas to be sprayed have been identified using several factors, including information about new human cases of EEE, cases of EEE in non-human mammals, positive mosquito samples in Rhode Island and in neighboring states, and information about the habitats in which mosquitoes most readily breed.

The two areas to be sprayed (map of aerial spraying areas) include one surrounding West Warwick and one in the southwest part of Rhode Island. A map of the two areas to be sprayed is attached. All four of the areas that already were sprayed September 8-10, however, are considered "critical risk" areas for EEE.

The area surrounding West Warwick includes all West Warwick and parts of Cranston, Warwick, East Greenwich, West Greenwich, Coventry, and Scituate. Some of this area was previously sprayed on September 9, but officials have expanded this zone westward to Route 102 in Coventry and both westward and southward in West Greenwich.

-Gina D'Aguano MS, MEd, RN, CSNT

Coventry High School Homecoming, Saturday 9/28 - THANKS TO OUR SAFETY PATROL and FACULTY & STAFF VOLUNTEERS!

IXL Information - updated

Here are some great introductory videos in the Inspiration section: https://www.ixl.com/inspiration/videos . For a more in-depth look, there are archived webinars to help you explore and implement IXL in your classroom: https://www.ixl.com/inspiration/archived-webinars

Our link: https://www.ixl.com/signin/coventry Which is also located on our district homepage for each access.

EVERFI information from Don Cowart:


Coventry Public Schools has no-cost access to an online learning platform called EVERFI. Through this platform, you have access to co-curricular digital lessons on various 21st Century Skills which are designed to complement existing units, fill curriculum gaps or serve as a resource for you to support whole child education. EVERFI can support your advisory or content area in STEM, financial education/career readiness, social emotional learning and health & wellness. Here is access to a break down of their K-12 learning resources. Lesson lengths vary from 10 minutes to 30 minutes.

Have an account? - login by going to www.everfi.com/login

NEW EVERFI teachers - create your account by going to www.everfi.com/newteacher

Once you have logged in and have added the programs to your dashboard, create a class to generate a class code. When you are ready to get started with students:

  • Direct students to www.everfi.com/register

  • Provide them with your class code

  • Students will create a student dashboard with username and password and have access to the program. Students can add programs to their dashboard in the top right corner with a class code.

If you have any questions or would like to learn more about how these programs can support your classroom please contact our EVERFI representative Dan Weidmann at dweidmann@everfi.com.

Articles and other news:

Behavioral Specialist and Math Intervention Schedule:

*Kim Sturdahl will be at Tiogue Monday through Friday*

MATHEMATICS: Mary V. will be at Blackrock this upcoming week

**Article of the week**

September 28: Highly Rated Curricula Are Out There. Are Schools Using Them?, from EdWeek - makes me want to spend some time cross-referencing information found in EdReports and this information found w/in this article.

September 21: Can "bite-sized" Lessons Make SEL Easier to Teach? - from EdWeek

September 14th: Employ Active Learning Strategies.

September 9th:

What is Executive Functioning? From, EduTopia

September 2nd:

8 Proactive Classroom Management Tips - From, EduTopia

July, 2019: Fantastic Ways of Finding Anything in Google Drive, found on Twitter.

Copy of our Newest Elementary Handbook for Tiogue