Sir Walter Raleigh

English explorer


Walter Raleigh was born in the year of 1552-1554. He lived most of his years in a farmhouse near east Budeigh in Devon. When he got older he studied law and enjoyed poetry writing.Over the years he eventually became a favorite of Queen Elisabeth.

He Dyed?

Yes. He is dead. Hes death was caused by a girl problems. sir Walter Raleigh was caught by Queen Elisabeth the 1 having a secret marriage with on of her brides maid. Her name was Bessy Thockmortan. They were both locked in a tower until queen Elisabeth past away. Then he was sentenced to death.

Who Sponsored him?

Queen Elisabeth was the one who financed his voyages. When he fought in her service he naturally became her favorite. He firstly sailed to colinize North America. He had eventually cahnged his mind and wanted to colonize Roanoke.
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Why would people want to go to the new world?

Unfortunately in England some people were having financial problems. So people with those type of struggles, went on these expeditions. Well because some were promised part of the gold\money they find in the new world. They all had understand that there might not be anything to find in the new world. But some took the chance.

Another motivation to go colonize was god. They believed this god-given opportunity was a chance to spread Christianity. They would teach others how to be christian and improve the world. why not create a chance to make the world successful like them?

This explains a little more clearly about his expositions.

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