The Karankawas

By: Ryann Lilley

All About Karankwa

The Karankawas lived in the Coastal Plains. They were also nomadic and moved quite often. Because of there nomadic lifestyle they used tepees for their dwelling. They travled by canoe and mostly foot.

The Karankawas were hunter, fishers, and gatherers. They gathered berries and edible plants. They hunted oysters, fish, turtles, rabbits, and shell fish. the Karankawas for hunting purposes used the long bow. The arrows they used were long and slender. These arrows were mainly about 3 feet long. These long arrows were better than shorter ones when shooting at fish, alligators, and animals in shallow waters. The end of the arrow would show where the animal was. This made the arrows easier to use and to retrieve. Shorter arrows would get lost under the water.

The Karankawas also did a practice were after they beat another tribe they would eat the other Native Americans. This act was called cannibalism.

The Karankawas made many tools. Most were made out of stone, wood, bone, seashells, and cane. The had knives, scarpers, and arrow and spear points made from flint and chert stone. they also weaved baskets.

The Karankawa believed in different spirits and animals. The Karankawa had bands in their Tribes with a few family in each, and had a chief.

The Karankawa disappeared in 1850!

Fun Facts

An interesting fact is the name Karankawa has not been definitely established, although it is generally believed to mean "dog-lover", or "dog raisers" . That translation seems realistic, since the Karankawas reportedly kept dogs that were descripbed as a fox-like or coyote-like breed.