Twelve Days of Tech Tips

or Twelve Really Cool Things You Can Do With Google

Day 4 - Fun and Practical Google Searches and Tricks

Find Books by Your Favorite Author

Simply type in "books by __________" and fill in the blank. Google will show all the books written by the author you've chosen in a scrolling tile format. If you look down the side of the page, on the right, you'll also see a short biographical summary of the author.
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Use Google as a Timer

Set the time in the search bar as shown below. Voila, instant timer! There is an alarm that sounds at the end, which can be turned off or on. You can also make the timer full screen by clicking the "frame" next to the sound icon.
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Filter Your Google Search by Reading Level

Watch the short video below to see this feature. What a great way to find appropriate sites for your students based on reading ability.
Google Search - Reading level

Get a Weather Report from Anywhere in the World

In the search bar, type "weather in _____________" and fill in the blank with the location. Google will show the current weather, as well as, the weekly forecast.
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Trying to decide between your favorite foods?

Google will give you all the nutritional information you need to make a wise or not-so-wise choice. Pumpkin pie, anyone?
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Have a wonderful weekend!

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