Alex Holt

About Me...

I have been playing Hockey for over about 8 years. Ever since I began skating as little kid, I have loved being on the ice. Playing hockey has been my favorite hobby since the beginning, teaching me more than just athleticism. Over the years I have played with, and against a lot of personalities, getting to know and getting a better understanding my peers as well as preparing me for the world. Having a variety of coaches over the years I have been forced to overcome my attitude and respect everyone who deserves it. All of this experience has taught me to be a respectful and good student in the classroom. I come to school to prepare myself for what the world has waiting for me, getting educated and informed of everything I need to be a successful adult, taking tips and getting help from my parents, teachers, and friends.
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This picture is of two of my closest team members. We play well together. I think one of the most important things is team work. I like to apply teamwork on and off the ice. It is one of my values. You can't succeed by yourself all the time.

What will make me succeed in this class...

Having the support of a teacher is important. I like to be encouraged even when I seem like I want to give up. It is important that I feel believed in, or I won't try.