Fourth Grade Fundamentals

April 8



4th graders need to bring their recorders to school on the following days:

Here is the music schedule:

Singletary - Monday

Kaufmann - Tuesday

Eccleston - Wednesday

Chapman - Thursday

They meet from 8:00 to 8:50.

If their schedule is changed due to a special event at school, I will let them know when to bring their recorder on a make-up day.

If your child needs a new recorder, I have a few for sale at $5.00, first come - first served. They may also borrow one from me for the rest of the year. If your child has lost their book, I will send home print outs of music.

Thank you,

Mrs. Hockenbrough

Thursday, April 14 - Luncheon in Library for our "souper" volunteers

Friday, April 15 - Bransford Talent Show (6:30 p.m. - 8:30 p.m. in the Cafeteria)

Saturday, April 16 - GCISD Rachel's Challenge 5K Community Fair

Friday, April 22 - Dad's Club Campout


April 7 through April 22 - Patriot Paws Drive

Thanks to the collaborative efforts of our kindergarten and second graders, we were privileged to learn about service dogs who are trained to assist veterans through a non-profit organization called Patriot PAWS. We met a sweet labrador named Gunner who impressed us all with his many skills. We hope to be able to sponsor a service dog.....and all we have to do is raise $2000. Please consider sending in change toward this worthy cause. We will also be collecting such things as leashes, peanut butter, etc.



We are wrapping up our creative pieces about our favorite stuffed animal. Have your writer share his/her writing with you as they have been uploaded to their Google folders. We have enjoyed the clever incorporation of animal facts. While we have written many facts this week, we have also written several opinions. It is our opinion that we are all getting better at writing:)


We will still be working on these two concepts next week:

1. The gnome has a knack for writing (words with a silent first consonant).

Other examples: gnat, wrist, knock

2. Super Supper in the Winter (2-syllable words with either open or closed syllables)

* If the first syllable is an open syllable made with a long vowel, there will only

be one consonant in the middle of the word. Ex: total vacant moment

* If the first syllable is a "closed" syllable made with a short vowel sound, there will be two consonants in the middle. Ex: supper chapter finger

Science News

This week in science we have been wrapping up our study of force and motion. The kids were able to determine their own variable they wanted to change during the experiment. Ask your child what unique surface they changed for the experiment. We also have discovered the next stage in the lifecycle of the butterfly... the pupa stage (aka chrysalis).


We are practicing the skill of summarizing as we learn about Texas's part in the Civil War and the Reconstruction period. Our 4th graders are learning that when words, ideas, and phrases are repeated in a selection, it is because these are the most important words. These important words then are used to write a summary.


We've still been exploring geometry concepts this week. We looked at different lines and examined angles more closely. We know that we can identify angles as acute, obtuse, right or straight. But, this week we learned how to use a new math tool...the protractor! We now can identify angles based on their measurement! How cool is that?

Learn more about angles here:

Learn more about a protractor here:

Here's a little riddle for you. Write down or email, the correct answer to receive a little surprise from your teacher.

What did the little acorn say when he grew up?