Limnic Eruption

Gain Knowledge About Limnic Eruptions

Just a Little Information

A limnic eruption (also known as a lake overturn) is a very rare disaster that has only ever happened twice, according to historical records. They use their terrible fumes to kill any living creature that is grasps.

How is a limnic eruption caused? It occurs when a deep lake is contaminated with Co2 (carbon dioxide) from a volcanic eruption, or from decay of organic materials. The Co2 then sits at the bottom of the lake, which makes the water unstable. A small rise in water temperature can lead to the release of a large amount of Co2. When the Co2 is released from the lake it would look a bit like a soft drink that has just been shaken and opened. The fumes that come out of the lake are deadly.

What are some of the effects of the disaster?

The fumes that come out of the lake are deadly, because of the Co2. Any living creature that is caught in the fumes would die a very painful death, by breathing in the fumes. Another effect is that the lake that is involved in the eruption will turn brownish-yellow and will go gooey like caramel, because of the gas.