September Week # 1

9/5 to 9/9

Class Discussion


(10 - 15 minutes)

Directions: Discuss the following questions with the students

1.) Is there anything you dislike about the way people treat each other at your school?

2.) Do you know of any disrespectful behaviors?

3.) How do you feel about disrespectful behavior?

4.) What is a bully?

5.) Is bullying an act of disrespect? In what way?

6.) How can treating people with respect prevent fights?

7.) When you are with a group of kids, what things might other kids do or say that make you feel good? bad?

8.) How does treating people with respect affect your friendships?

Touching moment basketball player from opposite team hands ball to disabled player

Week # 1 Assignment


1.) Watch the video clip (3 minutes)

2.) Students will write a 1/2 page describing how the video provides an example of 'respect' (30 minutes)

3.) Students must turn in their assignment to the instructor

Questions to think about:

a.) What is the name of the student and why is special about this story?

b.) How did this affect the teammates?

c.) What did the coach do for that student?