Titan Times

September 11-15, 2023

IWCS Misson & Vision

Vision: To create a learning environment that will enable every child to discover his or her unique gifts and talents.

Mission: To enhance and expand on each child’s unique gifts and talents to ensure every child is college, career and life ready.

NEW!! - School Hours

Drop-off Begins @ 7:10am. Students will not be permitted into the building prior to 7:10am.

Please DO NOT drop students off at the building prior to 7:10am.

Homeroom: 7:10-7:25

1st Block: 7:25 - 8:55

2nd Block: 9:00-10:30

Titan Time: 10:35-11:00

3rd Block: 11:05-1:05 (This block includes lunch)

4th Block: 1:10 - 2:40

Dismissal @ 2:40 pm

A/B Schedule

Monday, September 11 - A Day

Tuesday, September 12 - B Day

Wednesday, September 13 - A Day

Thursday, September 14 - B Day

Friday, September 15 - A Day

Upcoming Events:

September 29th - WHS Homecoming

October 9th - All Schools closed for students and staff

October 10th - PD Day, no school for students

Stay up to date on Windsor High School Athletics by clicking on this link! https://www.tririversdistrictva.org/public/genie/302/school/7/

Bus Routes


Click on the link above to see the updated routes (as of 8/31/23). Once again, these routes are not final and edits will continue during the first several weeks of school. Revisions to bus stops, times, and bus numbers will occur as needed. We appreciate your patience as we have a high volume of phone calls and questions during the start of the school year.

Student Code of Conduct

Students are expected to follow the IWCS Student Code of Conduct and the Expectations set forth of Georgie D. Tyler Students at all times.

If you ever have questions about the Student Code of Conduct, please see the following link:



Earlier last week, staff at GTMS shared the IWCS App and how to download this to keep up to date on our schools information. At that time, we thought we would be able to communicate back and forth through this app, however, that feature is not available at this time.

Teachers will be sending out Remind codes for you to join their classes and stay up to date weekly on what is going on. Please make sure you join when the code is sent to you. Teachers send out weekly newsletters, information about what it coming up and more and it's very important that you join.

Spirit Wear!

Click the link to purchase GTMS spirit gear! The last day to order is September 15th!

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Device Pick Up

If you were not able to pick up your device prior to school starting, we will be handing out devices during the first week of school.

The Device Usage and Distribution Agreement form must be signed by the parent/guardian and returned prior to students receiving their device.

Please send a signed copy of this form with your student the first day of school so that they may receive their laptop. You can find the paper at this link https://tinyurl.com/DeviceUsageAgreeement

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Immunizations for 7th graders!

If you have not submitted updated immunizations for your 7th grade student(s), please do so ASAP. Nurse Marshall needs this information.

ISLE Awards!

We are so excited to be able to offer the ISLE Award to our school community!

These awards are open to EVERYONE: staff, teachers, students, volunteers, parents, and community members. We will give out 4 awards each month to our GTMS community. Who will be the next ones to receive the ISLE AWARDS??

WHO can nominate? ~ You can nominate anyone in our school community who you see who is Inspiring, Succeeding, Leading and/or Empowering!

WHY will you nominate? ~ To show a public notice of appreciation for an individual who has done something that you want to acknowledge.

WHEN will you nominate? ~ Anytime you see or feel the need to! These awards will be given out each month!

WHAT will you do? ~ Simply fill out the google form and we will take care of the rest!


Interested in Volunteering?

If you are interested in volunteering at GTMS, please let us know!

Copies of the volunteer form are available in the front office or can be sent home with your student.

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Breakfast and Lunch at GTMS

We are very grateful to share that GTMS has been approved for the Community Eligibility Provision and students will be able to receive breakfast and lunch at no charge.

Effective immediately, students who do not have adequate money in their accounts or in hand to cover the cost at the time of service will not be permitted to charge snacks and/or a la carte items.

Students will still be provided with breakfast and/or lunch.

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Dear Parents,

As we resume normal school operations and begin to move past the COVID-19 pandemic, it is imperative that parents understand the importance of regular, on-time attendance to school. As demonstrated by the recent COVID-19 closures, absences from school have a tremendous impact on student learning and achievement. In an effort to help every student meet with success, we want to take a moment to remind parents of the attendance policies and regulations for Isle of Wight County Schools. It is especially important to note the expectations for student attendance as it relates to student retention and course credit.

Elementary school students may not be promoted to the next grade if unexcused absences from school total more than ten (10) days.

Middle school students may not be promoted to the next grade nor granted credit for a course if unexcused absences from school or from a class which earns high school credit total more than ten (10) days.

High school students may not be granted credit for a course if unexcused absences from class total more than five (5) class periods for a semester course, or ten (10) class periods for year-long courses.

The entire policy JED and regulation JED-R may be found on the division's website by clicking: Board → Policy → J. Students → JED and/or JED-R. Please do not hesitate to contact your child’s school if you have questions or concerns regarding student attendance.

The entire policy JED and regulation JED-R may be found on the division's website by clicking: Board → Policy → J. Students → JED and/or JED-R. Please do not hesitate to contact our school if you have questions or concerns regarding student attendance.

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Traffic Flow for drop off and pick up

Students cannot be dropped at GTMS without adult supervision prior to the arrival time of 7:10 am. Please do not leave your child(ren) unattended prior to this time. Our staff does not get to school and to their duty stations until 7:10 and this causes a safety concern when students are left unsupervised.

In the morning, please follow the flow of traffic. Please do not pull into the parking spaces and drop students off in the parking lot.

If you are a returning Titan, please notice that the traffic pattern has remained the same. You will enter from one point on N. Court Street where a GTMS staff member will motion you when it is safe to enter the parking lot. If you are entering from behind the building near Rt. 258, you will enter the parking lot near the Town Center and then alternate turns one vehicle at a time from the corner of the parking lot near the recycling bin within the bricks. Follow the flow of traffic, only allowing students to exit your vehicle once you are up to curb. After students have safely excited your vehicle and those in front of you are ready to leave, you may pull forward and the GTMS staff member directing traffic from N. Court Street will let you know when it is safe to pull forward and exit either left or right of the GTMS parking lot. Please ensure that you are off of your phone and paying attention at all times while in our parking lot.

In the afternoon, we are double booking our cars in the loop in front of the school. Please wait to pull up in the loop until staff have motioned and given you the all clear that students are loaded and cars are ready to roll. Please make sure you are paying attention and moving up when you are signaled. We understand this process is new to some, but we are trying to make it as smooth as we can, while keeping the traffic down on Rt. 258. Thank you for your cooperation!

Dismissal will begin at 2:40.

Cell Phone and Electronic Device Policy at GTMS for the 23-24 School Year

Georgie Tyler Middle School is a red zone for electronic devices. That means that classrooms, hallways, the gym, the cafeteria, etc. are off limits to student cell phones, ipads, air pods, and all other electronic devices. If students bring electronic devices to school, they must be kept in their backpacks.

Please talk to your child(ren) about the importance of following the cell phone policy and keeping their devices either in the lockers or their book bags.

Teachers may have students use ear buds or air pods for educational reasons or to use with their school issued devices, but they are not to be kept with them for the duration of the day. If students need them, teachers will let them know when.

Please talk to your child(ren) about respecting the cell phone and electronic device policy at GTMS this year. Consequences for not adhering to the device policy can range from a reminder to losing the right to bring devices to school completely and suspension. Please read the student handbook in its entirety so you and your child(ren) understand all the the policy here at GTMS and the disciplinary matters that will take place if students do not adhere to the policy. We appreciate your help in this matter.

Student Handbook Link Found Here:


Dress Code



  • Footwear must be worn at all times. Safety considerations may dictate the type of footwear worn in specific classes of school settings.

  • Bedroom shoes should not be worn to school.


  • All clothing must be sufficient to conceal undergarments.

  • Straps (on a tank top, for example) must be at least 2 inches wide. No spaghetti straps or tank tops unless a shirt is worn under or over it. See-through or fishnet fabrics, halter tops, tube tops, muscle shirts, off-the-shoulder tops, low-cut tops, or other apparel specifically designed as beachwear, may not be worn.

  • Any clothing item which exposes the midriff or the back are prohibited (this includes when a student is sitting, leaning, or raising his/her arm).

  • No cleavage will be exposed in the front or back.


  • Dresses, skirts, shorts, athletic shorts, or other similar clothing must have an inseam of no less than 3 inches. Pant material may not expose anything being worn as undergarments. We want students to be comfortable however, when students sit or bend over, their buttocks should not be exposed.

  • All clothing must be sufficient to conceal undergarments.

  • All pants must be worn at the natural waistline.

  • Ripped/distressed pants with rips/holes above the recommended 3 inch seam will not be permitted. No pants/shorts/bottoms/dresses should pose a safety hazard.

    • The principal or designee reserves the right to determine appropriateness of excessive rips.

Head Coverings

  • Head coverings (i.e., hats, caps, hoods, bandannas, etc.) may not be worn during the school day.

  • Headwear may be worn for educational, religious, ethnic, and documented medical reasons; if culturally specific or significant (examples may include but are not limited to hijabs, yarmulkes, hard wraps, etc.)

2023-2024 Calendar

The county calendar is available to view on the county website at