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Each individual person gets to put a vote in and if you dont vote you can be charged money if you do vote or probleam that imediatley comes up in a democracy is who is going p be able tp vote and who will not be able to. to vote you woudl go to your local public school and take a vote there. After you to your local public school after teh whol day is done and everyoenn has casted in there votes after everyone goes home andteh people that helped with the organisation with they voting the count the votes all up.


Democracy in Australia

Democracy is a form of government, which the people take part in governing. there are three parts of government, local, federal and state. the word democracy is a part of the Greek language and means rule of the people. teh earliest demovravy in the world began in Athens, in 510 BC. when democracy proved to be sucessful in Athens