Truman Gouldsmith

Personal Newsletter

Family and Friends

In school I have many friends. My friends include Aleesa Hill, Rachel Rellihan, and Trenton Keisling. We often find ourselves joining in groups with each other. I love my family. My family always supports me with all of my decisions.

School Updates

A few personal school updates are:

-I made Setting the Tone next year

-I got back from SWACDA

-Concert Soon


A few of my hobbies and interests include:

-Online Sandbox games




Career Day

On Career Day I plan to view presentations of people that are in the occupations that I would like to be in. I am going to ask them questions about how exactly to get into the occupation. I hope to hear some information to help me decide exactly what job I want as an adult.


Last quarter I had straight As, all of the classes were above 95%. This quarter so far I have 100% in all of my classes.