The Life of Lauren

Lauren Worley - 2nd Period College Algebra

About Me

I was born in Huntsville to Brad and Tonya along with my twin sister Emilee. My parents are no longer together, and we live mostly with our mom, but our dad also lives in Huntsville still so we get to see him. I played tennis my 8th grade through 10th grade year, but gave that up to become a student athletic trainer to help me prepare for college. I hope one day to go to Texas A&M University with a major in Kinesology and become a physical therapist.


My dad grew up in the small town of Slocum, Texas. He started working for TDCJ straight out of high school and that is how he met my mom, and eventually moved to Huntsville. Although my parents are split up, he still lives near us. I'm a daddy's girl so most of my favorite memories are with him.


My mom grew up moving around the Palestine area, and ended up graduating from Westwood. She then went to TVCC and then transferred to Texas A&M to get a wildlife degree, and to this day loves all type of wildlife. She went to work for the state in the payroll department and is a supervisor.


Emilee and I might be fraternal twins, but we are absolutely nothing alike. She plays tuba for our school band, and loves all sorts of music. Growing up together like we did definitely had some ups and downs, but she was the one person who would always be there to listen and to understand.

My favorite animal

I love all different types of animals excluding a certain few such as snakes and spiders, but my favorite types of animals are a siberian husky and tea cup pig.

My Favorite Hobby

My favorite thing to do is almost anything agriculture related whether it be hunting or fishing with my dad or showing animals at the country fair. I love being outside and enjoying the nature around me,

My Favorite Memory

My favorite memory is definitely my trip to New Jersey and New York. I went there not knowing but a few people, and made friends to last a lifetime. We worked in New Jersey for 5 days rebuiliding a church, painting a house, picking up trash along the streets, and re did a community garden for the people that live there. We also got to go to New York City for a couple of nights and then a whole day to tour the city. While we were staying in New Jersey, we went to a concert on the beach, Jenkinson's boardwalk, and went dancing. The people there were what made it the best! If I could I would go back in a heartbeat! :)