From Oil/Wood/Cotton to Plastic

By: Ben Odefey 3AC


Have you ever wondered how plastic is made? Plastic is made in the following way.


First it starts as oil,wood or cotton. we extract the oil to get oil,we cut down trees to get wood and we harvest cotton from big fields.


The second step to make plastic is mixing raw materials whith chemicals and gas to make resin the resin is made into people heat up the granules and it becomes a liquid. The shape it by putting it in a shaped case or they use a machine that presses on the liquid and stays there till the liquid drys.


The third step of making plastic is the store. You can buy plastic as a space satellite, contacts, toys, folders and much more. People use it as a thing they need or want. People use it to entortane and to live.

Fun Facts

Here are some fun facts.

We can make plastic look like wood, stone or glass.

A machine blows air into plastic to make bottles.


This was the process to making plastic.I may make plastic myself.( Legos )
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