Be a census worker!

Make good money by utilizing your knowledge of statistics

salary range: $8-20/ hour

Being a census worker is a rewarding job and has a rising employment rate, which is impressive considering the national overall employment rate. Jobs with the census department can range from door-to-door collecters to mathematicians who analyze census information and determine important statistics that lead to benefits being given and programs being created.
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Now hiring for the 2020 census!


-permanent employees require a four-year college degree

-education varies depending on department

-Statisticians/analysts require an economics or business degree

- other temporary jobs include enumerators (census takers), supervisors and geographers

How can I apply?

The Census Bureau is hiring year round for their permanent jobs but hires a multitude of temporary workers about 1-2 years before the 10-year census. To get a permanent job, contact the Federal Census Bureau; for a temporary job, contact your local census department.