What I've learned in Band

By: Ethan Graham

My Accompllishments

Over my three years in band we have gone to countless competitions and events, personally and with groups I have earned around 5 or 6 solo competition superiors, and as a band we have gotten multiple trophies for band events like our NRH20 competitions.

Strengths and Weaknesses

I personally have many strengths and weaknesses like I can slur and tongue well but I have trouble remembering articulation, I am fine with low notes but have lots of trouble with higher ones, I only know some notes and can only go so far before I forget notes.

Next year goals

I want to get to higher bands and be able to hit higher notes, I will try to practice at home a lot more instead of barely practicing and I will try to learn all the notes I can over time.

What have I learned

Over my years of band I have learned many things like try not to be afraid and be more social most of your close friends will come from band, and make sure you wear sunscreen on band trips, I loved doing band for middle school but now I have to play for high school even though I have learned all these things and feel prepared high school I feel like will be hard because of all the new things being introduced such as marching and bigger competitions for state, band has been really fun though and taught me many things over 3 years and I will try to remember everything about it all the way till the end if highschool.

For future 8th graders

All of the future 8th graders need to remember that you should never be shy because you will end up making great friends with 7th graders no matter what, always be a leader and don't shy down from things, no matter what it is make sure you try your hardest and don't give up, band isn't easy in any way it is one of the hardest classes but you just got to remember to practice because it will help you a lot.