First Grade Weekly Updates

October 17-21

Welcome to this week's edition of First Grade Weekly Explorations! Each week, we will share materials to supplement our lessons for the week. The newsletter includes videos and links for all subject areas: ELA, math, Science and Social Studies. As work is completed, make sure to sent pictures to your teacher, through Class Dojo or Schoology.


Spelling Activities

Monday-Write each word three times.
Tuesday-Put each word in a sentence.
Wednesday-Make up your own story using all the words.
Thursday-Use objects at home to make each word. Some examples of things to use are Legos, beads, string, play dough, or whatever you can come up with. Be creative and take a picture to send to your teacher.
Friday-Write each word with a different color crayon, or marker. Then take a spelling test. Ask an adult or older sibling to say the word and you spell it.

Gus Takes the Train

Journeys Lesson 5 - Anchor Text

City Zoo

Journeys Lesson 5 - Paired Selection

Story Structure

Story Structure


The Equal Song: What Does This Mean

Think Tank Problems

Big picture
Big picture

Inquiry - Who We Are

Central Idea: The actions of individuals and groups have an effect on their community.

Lines of Inquiry:

  • Individuals have responsibilities as members of a community.
  • Rules and procedures must be followed to maintain order and keep us safe.
  • Different systems are in place to organize our community.

Essential Question: In what ways can you influence your community?

Those Shoes - Read Aloud


key- a part of a map that explains the symbols.

conductor- a person in charge of a train, streetcar, or other public conveyance, who collects fares and sells tickets.

compass rose- a tool that shows the cardinal directions.

subway- an underground, electric railroad.

cardinal directions- north, south, east, and west.