Welcome to Grade 3, 2015!

Mrs. Lowe's Class



My name is Mrs. Megan Lowe and I am really excited to be working with you this year.

Even though I have lived here for the better part of 10 years, I still have my Australian accent. It makes it easy to find me around the school J.

Please feel free to contact me at any time. Here is what works best:

· If you see me in the playground or classroom before or after school, please come and say hello!

· Notes in planner (for general notes to me that aren’t private e.g. a request for me to call you, questions about homework etc.)

· A note in a sealed envelope handed to me by your child or yourself.

· Email: megan_lowe@wrdsb.on.ca

· Call the school and leave me a voice mail:

519-570-8081 ext. 9056

This is sent to me as an email, so I will get the message in a timely manner.

I am always willing to meet with you. I just need a little bit of notice!



We are beginning the school year with a focus on team and confidence building. We want to build a class environment where everyone feels safe, valued and strives to do their best.

Here is each subject area focus:

Language: Informing others (for example: a recount of our summer vacation) and understanding non-fiction texts

Math: Understanding numbers (read, represent, compare and order numbers), then addition and subtraction.

Science: Properties of and Changes in Matter

Gym: Soccer and games outside as much as possible, while this good weather lasts!

The Arts: Shape and Form (word cloud silhouettes)


French – Mme. Michaud

Music and Drama – Ms. McKay

Health – Ms. Hansraj