Major League Second Grade News

Mrs. Moats' Class

Friday, Septmeber 4, 2015 A Week in Review

Reading logs started this week. I will give you a whole week to complete the reading log. I completely understand being busy in the evenings! I saw LOTS of Northies on the practice soccer field Tuesday night. :0)

Please strive for 15 minutes for 4 nights each week. You can be creative with what you read if this is a challenge at home. For instance, read a cookbook or newspaper article. You could also take turns reading; parent read a page, child read a page. What ever works and makes reading enjoyable for your child right now.

Look for additional homework on Tuesday, Wed and Thurs next week. The following week homework will be Monday, Tuesday, Wed. and Thurs. This will be our regular routine. Homework allows you and I to see the concept that your student may be struggling with or the things that they are really great at! Also, it sets up good homework routines for the future. The sooner that can begin the fewer problems you will have down the road! I have a third grader at home this year so I'm doing the same thing at my house. There are times when I have other plans but we try to get home and get homework done right away. :0)

On Friday, in your child's backpack you will find a spiral notebook called a Friday Journal. Instructions for YOU, the parent, are on the inside cover. Each week we will write about what we learned at school and any other exciting event that occurred. Please take a minute to read what they have written and write them back a short note. This is a great way to communicate further to you what your student is DOING all week! It will also help with our letter writing skills! Friday Journals are returned to me on Mondays. You will see them again on the following Friday!

Here is our week in review:

Spelling/Word Work: *I can write words with short e and long e sounds. *I can determine what a proper noun is and find it in a sentence.

Reading: *I can choose a just right book. It's not too easy or too hard. *I can use the classroom library responsibly. *I can read independently during Reader's Workshop (continuing to practice) *I can record what books I am reading at school and can write about what I am reading.

Writing: *I can use strategies to help me spell a tricky word. *I can work with a writing partner and show respect. *I can use my fingers to help me plan my story.

Science/Social Studies: *I can explain the importance of the pledge of allegiance.

Math:* I can count a quantity in more than one way. *I can identify coins and their values. *I can count objects in sets up to 60. *I can count and write numbers sequentially from 1- 100.

Items for next Week-

No School Monday! Labor Day

We will switch to Science next week. We will talk about matter.

September Character Trait- Respect

Treating others the way you want to be treated!

Upcoming Events

Sept 7- No school Labor Day

Sept 14- Goodies with Grandparents 5-6pm ( classroom activities to share with a grandparent and snacks in the cafeteria) , Scholastic Book Orders Due, Fun Run Packets Due

Sept 29- School Pictures

Oct 6- PTO Board Meeting

Oct 8- PTO FUN RUN (during school)

Oct 9- No School- Professional Development Day for Teachers