About Me

Artavius moore

My Hobbies

My hobbies would be dancing and playing Football,Basketball,and Track

Family info

I have three siblings one older and two younger. i have one brother and two sisters

What i would like to be when i grow up

I would like to be a Music Producer and Engineer

what i did over break

i didn't really do anything to big i just watch t.v and a few movies with my family

How did i spend my christmas eve

I spent my Christmas Eve cooking with my mom for our Christmas dinner and sleeping

i spent the holidays

just watching movies and hanging out with my family for the most part

what was my favorite Christmas gift

My favorite christmas gift would be my Hover board

what vacations did i go on

i didn't go on vacation this year for Christmas because we are saving up for our summer vacation

What activities did i do over the break

I went to my cousins basketball game and i also went to a Track camp
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What am i involved in this semester

The only thing I'm doing is Track this year

Facts about me

I just like to have fun