Over the summer I traveled to other states. I went to Kentucky on a day adventure to try the delicious goodness of White Castle. Preceding this life altering occurrence, i went to the beach every other week for the first 6 weeks of summer. The first was with my family to emerald isle. The second was with friends to north myrtle beach. The last was with my youth group to Caswel.


Twice annually Sam, Franklin, Coleman, and I get together to compete against Franklin's younger brother and his friends in a series of challenges. The first ever competition held last winter, the sophomores won, but over the summer my group took first in a tie breaker.


Over the summer as well i started various endeavors to have something to do as well as gain knowledge. The first was a scientific trial to try and create a perpetual motion machine. I'm still in the process of trying to figure that one out. The second was an art project in which i melted down an aluminum transmission casing and some beer cans for an art project. The end result was the name of my cousins restaurant "hatch". My choice list of schools would probably be MIT as my reach school, more realistically NC State, and as a fall back probably Western or App.

Science background

In 6th grade i had Earth science, 8th grade physical science, 9th grade biology and earth science again, 10th grade chemistry, and am currently signed up for Physics and AP Environmental. I like science in general as well as math over English and Social Studies.