Germany's Agricultural Livestock

Them and US

Germany's Livestock

German livestock varies very little from that of the United States. Germany's main exports include hogs, chickens and cattle. America also produces these animals for use for food. Some of Germany's "other" animals include turkeys.

Germany's Livestock

Germany compared to The United States

  • Germany has around 12.9mil head of cattle including 4.2 million dairy cows and 0.7 suckler cows. U.S. has around 90.8 million head of cows.
  • Germany has around 100000 hogs while America has around 66.3million hogs.
  • Germany has around 34 million layers, 60 million broilers, and 11 million turkeys for meat. U.S. broiler production is 8.6 billion birds.


German exports of cattle are around 10.6 Million Euro as of 2009.

Due to the compact size of Germany's land, it is difficult for them to export many livestock which tend to take up a lot of room.