Mrs. Hambley's TK Classroom

Week 7


Please be diligent!

COLOR MY WORLD-yellow, blue, red, orange, green, PURPLE, brown, black and white

This weeks color is purple. Your child should be able to identify the primary colors-yellow, blue and red. Secondary colors are also being taught. Talk about colors at home. Being specific when referring to objects helps their ability to follow direction and strengthens their prewriting skills. ie.,"Please, bring me your brown shoes."

SOCIAL/EMOTIONAL-happy, sad, angry, helpful, worried, FRIENDLY, caring, our changing our moods

In addition to teaching the names of emotions we are helping to identify the feelings our youngsters are experiencing.


It is important for our young ones to understand that they are not expected to understand how to do something or know something the first time we attempt it. This "growth mindset" is encouraged in class. We make mistakes and that's ok. It only means we are learning. We are learning the appropriate way to sit on the carpet. We are learning how to stay on task at our centers. We are learning how to make friends. So, if you hear your child say, "Oops, that's ok." They are internalizing that mistakes are a part being human.


We continue to talk patterns. They students are being asked to independently come up with their own two factor patterns. We call it AB, but it can look like yellow, yellow, blue; or stomp, stomp, clap, clap. As your driving around, walking the block, point out patterns that are in our environment. Plaids, stripes, polka dots are all patterns.

Center Time

Speaking of centers. They are not going all that well. I am looking for support Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday from 10:15 to 11:00. I'm hoping a week or two of extra hands at this time in the classroom will teach the children that table time is work time. If you can help out once or twice it would be appreciated. Sign up at my email