Alejandra Teijeiro

The planet Earth has suffered different types of natural disasters throughout its history. Among them we can show up tsunamis, hurricanes and eartquakes.


Tsunamis are big waves, that is to say, are provoked by undersea earthquakes.

Indonesian tsunami

This picture shows a tsunami in Indonesia which was the worst tsunami in our history. It happened on 26 th December, 2004. It killed a lot of people and flooded a large number of coastal towns such as Asia, parts of Indonesia, Malaysia, Sri Lanka, India and Thailand.

The death toll was about 275.000not counting the thousands of missing people.

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Tsunami 2004 Indonesia [IGEO TV]


A hurricane is a wind blowing at over 121 kilometres per hour.

Klaus hurricane

In this picture we can see a hurricane known as Klaus, which a lot of damage in cities and towns.

It happened in Galicia 24th January 2009. It didn't cause any victims but the damages were irreparable. There were winds up to 198 kilometres per hour.

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An earthquake is a ground movement originating within the earth. It brings about cracks and landslides.

Chile earthquake

The worst earthquake remembered in our history happened in Chille in 1960. It caused a bridge collapse and sinking of ships.

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Furthermore, this city suffered a lot of damage.
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Another natural disaster

Another natural disaster is the global heating which causes a greenhouse effect. It causes changes in the temperature. Because of this, there are more droughts and fires. It also makes polar bears habitat melt.
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