Post Secondary Education

by isaiahdean5

Associates degree

the amount of years you need will be two years. and the amount of hours is 60 per class. the average cost will be 8,000 dollars. two jobs that you need an associates degree is respiratory therapist and registered nurse.

Bachelor's degree

the amount of years you would need to take is four years. you would need 120 hours per class. you will get 21,000 for an standard college and 40,000 for and private college. two jobs you can get from an bachelor's degree is Petroleum Engineer and Chemical Engineer.

Master's degree

the amount of years you would need will be four year in public and private college. the amount of hours you need per class will be 60 hours. public college will be 24,000, private college is 35,000. two jobs that you can get are program manager and technical recruiter.