January Edition

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A Dream That Came True

Each year on the third Monday of January we celebrate the life of Dr.Martin Luther King Jr and his impact on America and civil rights.

Known most famously for his ,"I have a dream speech", Dr. Martin Luther King Jr has had a major impact on America by fighting for what he believed. He wanted for all races to have equality and for children of all ages and all races to go to the same school because he thought it was unfair to have segregation between any race. There would be signs posted in public areas, enforcing segregation included schools, any playgrounds, water fountains, and even diners that were places where families would go to eat.

Many citizens had their civil rights taken from them and it felt as if the civil war had started all over again where many African Americans felt like they were not given the rights many white citizens had. Eventually violent outbreaks occurred in the street because African Americans protested to have equality in a nation where every citizen has freedom of liberty and to have that taken away is wrong in the eyes of the united states view on the issue today. Eventually then came a man by the name of Martin Luther King Jr who fought politically in a nonviolent way for equal rights for all races to have equal rights.

When asked about how much of an impact he had on America, Rhys Patterson had this to say.

" He had a big impact because he fought racism in a nonviolent way."

America today now has become a greater nation as far as recognizing citizens equal rights since this nation was built on freedom. Many African American legends in music and sports and even politics and our president have the great Dr. Martin Luther King Jr to thank for his bravery and his dream for all races to be equal in the eyes of the world.

Jacob Gawthorp

Coming Home, The Celebration of Life

On February 5th, Stewarts Creek High School is going to commend coming home with a big celebration.

The coming home theme is "The Game of Life". Starting Monday, February 2nd, we begin the celebration with our themed dress up days. The following Friday is the in school Dodge Ball Tournament and Lunch Carnival. Many other student competitions will be taking place as well. That night the coming home ceremony will be at half time during that nights basketball game.

The themed dress-up days are: Monday-Baby Day, Tuesday-Awkward Pre-Teen/Teenager Day, Wednesday-College/Occupation Day, Thursday-Senior Citizen Day, and Friday-Don't Go Towards the Light Day/Black Out Day. In the mist of all the exciting events happening, there will also be a special coming home t-shirt that has been sold between January 19th and January 22nd.

Autumn Matthews, a current junior, exclaims, "Participate in the dress-up days!"

Show your school spirit throughout the week and come support the basketball team and coming home nominees on February 5th. You won't regret taking place in the coming home fun.

Taylor Huston

A Touching Memorial for Benjamin Saar

The cast of the Yellow Boat moved the audience with their rendition of Benjamin's story on Wednesday night in the SCHS auditorium.

The cast was privileged to meet with the author and Benjamin's father, David Saar. He gave the actors deeper insight into their characters and the emotions behind the story.

Bailey Griffin plays Sonja, Benjamin's mother, she stated, " This experience has made me more appreciative of the people in my life and the days I take for granted. Being able to meet someone who endured something so traumatic and created something beautiful is life-changing."

Throughout this experience the actors were able to reach the audience with deeper more powerful emotions. They executed the play with simplicity and refinement, allowing the story to take center stage. Overall, the play conveyed the hardships and raw emotions the Saar family faced during this dreadful struggle. This combination drew tears from many eyes in the crowd.

Elizabeth Lancaster

Attention Seniors; The Promise of Education

The TN Promise is a last dollar scholarship which offers seniors two free years of college; it has many deadlines and requirements, including the FAFSA due on February 15.

The FAFSA is the Free Application for Federal Student Aid. This application determines your financial aid eligibility, as well as serving as your applications for the federal Pell Grant, as well as state TELS and TSAA funds. The deadline to file your FAFSA is February 15, 2016, in order to stay eligible for the TN Promise.

The TN Promise is a last dollar scholarship that funds tuition for five semesters of college at a community college, an eligible four-year institution, or eight trimesters at any Tennessee College of Applied Technology. As a last dollar scholarship, TN Promise covers a student’s tuition and mandatory fees that are not covered by any other state or federal financial aid such as the Hope Scholarship or Pell Grants.

As another requirement, each senior has three team meetings that they must attend to remain eligible. The first meeting at SCHS was on January 11, and our next meeting will be on April 15 at 5:30. Remember to remain eligible for this amazing offer you must attend all three meetings.

The last and easiest to forget of these requirements is that you complete eight hours of community service. If you’re stuck on how to obtain these hours then here are a few examples: Tutoring students at a community center, doing laundry for residents of a nursing home, attending an environmental clean-up event, and working with an organization to build homes for people in need. If you are planning on beginning college in the fall semester of 2016, then your eight hours are due by August 1.

Lastly, high school seniors will be assigned a mentor. These are people who have made the commitment to encourage and support you as you transition from high school to college. These are people who will be in contact with you through text or email to check up on you and see how everything is going. Also, if you have any questions you can contact these people and they will try their best to get you the answer as soon as possible. The time to meet your mentor will be at the second required team meeting…so make sure you are there.

Briana Travis

Here We Go Again

On January 23 the Stewarts Creek High School indoor marching band E-93 will head to their first competition of the season at Independence High School.

The members of E-93 had to go through a playing test and a weekend of marching to get into the group. On December 3rd these selected students started their weekly rehearsals to prepare for the upcoming competitions. After all their hard work they will take the floor at 6:30 to preform their show Boundaries which has pieces from Bach and Dvorak . They will be competing against five other schools from all around Tennessee.

Zoe Henry, who has been a member of E-93 for two years, says, " I'm very excited about Saturday. We've been working very hard for the last month to put the first part of the show together".

So good luck to E-93 at their debut of Boundaries this Saturday.

Kelsey Hendrix

Harris, The Ultimate Red Hawk!

Coach Harris receives the one and only teacher recognition award from Stewarts Creek High school as a perfect spinoff to a great year!

Due to Todd Harris's excellent teaching style and dedication to what he loves, he has been rewarded with the title of Teacher of The Year.

Dr. Clark Harrell also considers Coach Harris to be "one of the most active and involved within our school, and to present him with such an award is a great honor."

Harris has been and incredible teacher throughout the years not only because of all of the contributions he has made to the students and faculty at Stewarts Creek High school but also all the extra curricular activities he participates in.

There are more than 80 faculty members here and to be the one who stands out must truly be an honor or gift.

Praise goes to our Freshman football coach for all he does for this school, including: coaching in sports, ACT prep for anyone taking the ACT, and the awesome job he does making sure that the teens at this school stay in line and are an active part of our community.

Kali Clem

Follow The Yellow Brick Road

Stewarts Creek High's theater students will grace the stage during their March performance of The Wizard of Oz.

Sophomore drama student, Brianna Guydon, will be participating in the upcoming production. She has been involved in theater since the third grade and the first play she participated in was The Lion King. Having been involved in theater for years now, her advice to newcomers is to never give up, and to not question one's talent when not receiving a call back.

Guydon revealed, "Theater is important to me because it's an outlet. It lets you express yourself in a way that's enjoyable to you and the audience."

To her, the best part about being in the production is that her cast mates are comparable to a family.

To support SCHS theater students in their upcoming production, gaze your eyes upon the Wizard of Oz, which will be performed on March 18th- 20th.

Kylie Stephens


At 12:00 pm on Saturday, January 30, 2016, Best Buddies will be at the Smyrna Malco Movie Theater to see KUNG FU PANDA 3 and spend time together.

Save the date and your money for the movies with your best buddy. The movie tickets are $8.00 you may have cash or check made out to Mrs. Hutchins. The dead line for turning in money is Friday, February 29, 2016, concessions/ food will be $1.00 extra.

This is yet another great opportunity for you and your buddy to spend time together if you have not done so already. Best Buddies puts a lot of effort into making these events so it is something you and your buddy will never forget. So it's time to start making memories and a friendship that will last forever.

"With each event we try to do something special for the kids, as well as something that their partners will enjoy. Best Buddies was specifically made for special kids to have a long lasting friendship. These kids will never forget their buddies and all the activities they do together because they all have such a great time and it sticks with them." stated Mrs. Hutchins.

Ciara Smith

Bowling a Spare

Through hard work and determination, our boys' bowling team made their mark as district runner-up of the 2015 - 2016 season at the Smyrna Bowling Center.

With only two regular season losses, the boys' bowling team placed second in district, and went to regionals against Columbia Central High School.

The regionals took place in Columbia; however, the majority of regular season matches took place at the Smyrna Bowling Center.

Four members of the bowling team will advance to the state level competition. The roster of hard working athletes who are participating consists of: Ashlyn Barkdull, Braydon Paul, Aaron Hall, and Chase Lawson.

The parent of an athlete on the bowling team, Ms.Hicks commented, "The team only lost two regular season matches; both were to Smyrna High."

Cami Farr

Senior Night at the Creek

The Stewarts Creek wrestling team had their senior night January 19th to honor the seniors’ for their last home match of the season.

Wrestlers, John Olivieri, Tyler Barber, Dylan Coggins, Eric Souksavong, Mikal Taylor, Sunny Patel, and manager, Leah Schoen, walked across the mat with their parents for this ceremony. Everyone in the crowd that night showed their appreciation to all the seniors by giving them a standing ovation.

Their match began against Blackman started out intensely. Sadly however our Red Hawk wrestlers lost with a score of 31-36.

Lean Schoen, senior manager of the Red Hawks wrestling team, was still very happy for them.

“They did great but I feel like we should have won.” Leah Schoen emphasized when asked how she felt about the match.

“I’m still proud no matter what the score was.”

Brandon Ruiz