France, Ireland, England


Government type: Constitutional
Leader: Francois Hollande
European Union Member: Yes
Historical Monument: Palacemof versailles
Population: 64.3 million
Agriculture: 29418. previous
GPD: 2.613 trillion
Currency: Euro, CFP france
Language: French
Religion: Catholic, christian
Climate: foggy, chilly


Government Type: Monarchy
Leader and Title: Prime minister, David Cameron
European Member: No
Population: 5300 million
Agriculture: 76%
GPD per Capital: 38,514,5
Exchange rate to US dollars: 1.6 us dollar
Language: English and British
Religion: Christian
Famous landmarks: stone henge


Government Type: Constitutional
European Member: Yes
Current Gov't event of concern: Shannon Side winter music weekend
Historical Monument: Newgrarge, Countymeath
Population: 4.59 million
% arable land: 15.81
Agriculture: 7.8 %
GDP: 210.3 billion
Currency: Euro
Famous brands of the country: Guinness
Language: English
Climate: mild rain