Reece Hamilton :-]

about me

Hi my name is Recce I go to school at White oak elem. 11 years old. I love baseball. I lived in Conyers, Ga when I was a little kid. I love to play baseball or any sport with my friends

my dream car is a ford mustang or a challenger. My dream house is a really big house. I have a mom, dad, and a sister, There names are Crystal, Jason, and Reagan, Reagan is my twin.

I love the Tennessee volunteers. I don't like the Georgia Bulldogs.My favorite subject to learn in school is social studies. I have played baseball for 8-9 seasons. I play catcher, Pitcher, 2nd, 3rd. My favorite position is pitcher and catcher. The reason I picked this year is because I have loved baseball even more than I ever have.

I want to make it here to the MLB

A day in the life

Yesterday 05-08-13 my dad walked in the door and he said hey your on the all-star team.then i'm like yes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!and when my dad said he was coaching that was when I started trying my best and I started doing really good. Also I started watching baseball more because my favorite team is playing and there doing good and I love baseball alot because my dad is coaching. also because my favorite players are playing. My favorite player is Justin Upton and me Reece Hamilton.

when I think about 2013

I like this year because there is alot of exiting event and stuff I have really done also I saw alot of history stuff in charelston, SA. well um i like baseball more than ever because my dad is caching and my favorite players are playing for the braves and I made the all-star team. Also dicks sporting goods has every baseball thing I need and that makes me happy. It makes me like baseball more also because my team is really good. we haven't lost any.