Harry Potter

And the Sorcerer's stone

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Professor Dumbldore is not home right not but he says to all students were going to try to make this the best school ever this year we also have someone famous this year so have fun

-Professor McGonagall

Harry Potter is, well I don't think I need to explain him because well, he's famous you all should know him.

Hermione granger is Harry Potters friend she is super smart and will help you wen you need it she is the first one to learn spells and she's muggle born that means you can do anything even if you are a muggle.

Ron Wesley is Harry Potters friend to he saved Harry and Hermione from getting hurt one time Ron is reel brave.

The grand hall is is for feasts, in fact that's the first place you are going. You will go thare becaue you will have to be sorted into your houses.you could be put into slytherin, ravenclaw, huffelpuff, or gryffindor.

The Quidditch pitch is where you will go to watch Quidditch and learn how to fly or if you play Quidditch you would be on the field.

In transfiguration you will learn how to turn stuff into ether stuff and turn your self into an animal.

In potions you use parts of plants or goat stomach or almost anything to make purposes.